Thursday, January 29, 2009

That's Ms. Zellweger to you

This morning a woman (one of our "irregular regulars, if you know what I mean) came up to the desk because she wanted to ask me:
"Are you the woman in that movie, Reneé Z..., uh Ren...Weg..?"
me: "Reneé Zellweger?"
woman: "Yeah, her. Bridget...Diary"
me (friendly tone) : "Yes, Bridget Jones' Diary. Reneé Zellweger is in that. But I'm not her. I've never acted in a film."
woman: "That's too bad because I wanted to say that I loved 'Bridget Jones' Diary' and to tell her that she did a really good job."
me: "I liked it too."
woman (looking a bit confused): "You look at lot like her."
At this point, I just nodded and smiled, but I would like to interject, for the record that I look nothing like Reneé Zellweger, except that I am a white woman in the same age range... But still, the woman was sweet and you take compliments, well-meant but deluded as they are, where you get them.

I'll also take the time to tie it into a previous encounter I had, which happened just after I got a new haircut. One of our regulars (I don't remember who, so I'm not sure if they were "irregular" or not although I suspect) told me that she liked the cut and that I looked like Nicole Kidman. I laughed (I couldn't help it!). Maybe my haircut looked like Nicole Kidman's haircut (which, if true, means I didn't tip my hairdresser enough) but that's as far as the similarities go (except for the aforementioned white skin and right age range, plus in this case, red hair).

Oh, the glamourous life a public service assistant!


  1. Zellweger, eh?


    Do you have pictures of your new hairdo? I wanna see!

  2. Look slightly to your right - the "Nicole" cut is the one in my profile picture.